Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Please, look at my profiles

All this talk about online safety, making students Googleable, teachers behaving badly, and so on, gives me good reason to put my thoughts out there.
First things first: I participate in social networking. I have a Facebook profile, a MySpace profile, I blog, and Twitter, and have a few photos on Flickr. My MySpace page has past students as "friends". My Facebook page has past and current students as friends. Both have friends from my high school and college years as well as family. My profiles are clean, and I have no worries of a student/parent/colleague finding them. Here are some quick tips for teachers everybody when it comes to cleaning up their online presence:

  • First off: Ask yourself, "If my boss, mother, student, etc saw anything I post online, how would they react?"
  • Adults are allowed to be adults, but there are reasons children aren't allowed in bars, clubs, bedrooms...don't subject young minds to things they don't need/want to see. It doesn't need to be online (or recorded at all for that matter!)
  • Kids party and act silly. If you're posting pictures of drinking, shame on you! If you're cyber-bullying or treating anybody worse than you'd want to be treated, online or not, stop it. The minute it goes online, it's permanent.
  • Simply put, think before you post

Please, I offer an assignment: Visit my profiles, if there's something you think I should change, let me know via these comments. THEN, check your own profiles, and look at them in the eyes of your boss, your mother, or your students. Good luck!

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