Sunday, April 6, 2008

Learn to be Impulsive

Harrisburg from across the river
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The past few nights, I've had optional things planned to get out of my apartment, avoid work, and hopefully have fun. I've noticed recently, though, that as the time nears, I debate whether I really want to go or not. Finally, I jump up, grab my go-gear, and head out the door, usually ending up having a great time. This post is a lesson in being impulsive so stir up an otherwise routine life without spending alot of money.
Friday I attended a benefit concert for Breast Cancer Research at Northern High School (featuring House Exit and Fink's Constant). I got to sit back and enjoy a great event for $3 in a pretty comfortable environment (where I teach, lol).

Saturday, I traveled up to Enola, PA to hear Fink's Constant again at the local VFW. That was a little stranger, as I was driving to a strange area, and going to a Veterans' hangout to see one of my colleagues play in a ska/reggae band. My best memory from last night was my colleague buying a beer for me (on the band's tab) and remarking about how nice it is to have a fellow teacher out to hear them.

On the way home last night, I noticed the lights of Harrisburg from across the river. "I must get some pictures of that," I thought, so that was today's event. I debated not going, but finally let my impulses take over, grabbed my camera and grabbed a bunch of shots. Unfortunately, due to my camera's limitations, I was only able to keep 4 pictures (the one above being my favorite).

This all comes about as I think about the life of a teacher outside of school. What's appropriate, what isn't, and how to participate in the world around us (both physical and digital). I'm anxious to see what my Monday brings me!

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