Wednesday, August 6, 2008

iPod Touch for a Musician

I am a musician, and a teacher, and a tech-gadget hog. So when I was looking for a new music player before my Disney trip with the music department, I splurged on a 16Gb iPod Touch.

I am a firm believer in the "listen, sing, play" mentality, so a portable music player is almost a must-have in my eyes. One of the first things I do after I've sight-read through a new piece, is find a few recordings of it to study. Sometimes I'll play along. Other times, I just listen and try to imitate.
With the software upgrades and the opening of the App Store, my iPod has become even more useful. I grabbed MooCowMusic's "Piano" app, allowing me to tune my violin/cello from a full 88 key piano, record simple chord progressions and play them back, and devise simple melodies for future compositions. The "Remote" app, allows me to control my iTunes on my laptop when I need a louder accompaniment (or when I have it running through a sound-system) all via wifi.
Also, as long as I'm wifi connected, I have handheld access to my Google apps, where I can search my lyrics, use the calendar to keep track of when/how often I practice (and what I worked on), and more.
Honestly, if you're searching for a new music player and can afford it, I'd suggest the Touch without question.
Let me know in the comments, if you're a musician, and currently use the iPod Touch (or iPhone) as a practice tool.

photo credit: "iPod Touch" by tibopoix.

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