Saturday, July 19, 2008

Oh Woe is Technology

The past week has been hell for me, a technology-addicted 30 yr old. The quick list, followed by what I've learned over the past few days:
  • Wireless router interference - I thought, was being caused by an identical router next door to my apt.
  • Car "check engine light" - Caused because spark plugs and wires were never replaced after 105,000 miles. (fixed now, thanks to Monroe Brake & Muffler where my awesome brother works)
  • Wireless card/Motherboard conflict - My HP dv6448se refuses to acknowledge the wifi card anymore. Best Buy's Geek Squad was a waste of time, HP tech support walked me through some steps, and finally resorted to me sending it in (after I finish this post).
  • Mother's E-Machines desktop power-supply failure - Fun! Getting my brother to work on this one for me. I give up at this point.
  • Mother's printer failure - Canon BJC 3000 gives me a fun "waste error" code, which I reset, only to end in a roller/paper feed issue. Again, I quit.

AND, I THINK THAT'S ALL...*knocks on wood*
When it rains, it certainly pours, and I'm hoping my Toshiba survives until HP can diagnose, repair, and return my Vista laptop. Otherwise, I'll be surfing via cellphone and my iPod Touch. (I did say I was a tech-addict, right?)

*sighs* Oh well...

(btw, this whole situation further reinforces my need to live "on the cloud" and keep all data consistently backed up. Live it. Learn it. Do it.

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