Wednesday, June 11, 2008


In about 8 hours, I'm leaving for Chicago. I'm going to (very weakly) tie this post in with education and music, but really, this is my summer vacation.
First off, I'll be hypermiling in my '02 Saturn SL1 instead of traveling by air or train, mostly because it's a straight shot, and it made more sense than having to rent a car later. I've printed off 3 pieces of paper for the trip (hotel confirmation and the Google Map to get me there). If I need anything else, I'll hunt out WiFi or use the mobile version of Google Maps. Music's covered via my iPod (with a few separate playlists created for the ride) piped through via an FM transmitter. Someday, I'll get a new head unit (probably not this car) so I can plug in directly.
Speaking of plugging in, power is a huge issue on this trip. Learning from my past experience of driving from PA to DisneyWorld, my phone died about 1/3 of the way down, and me without a car charger. I decided to correct this and other charging issues with "one stone". I picked up a cheap, but effective inverter from Radio Shack for about $20 which will let me plug in my normal chargers en-route. My speed-dialing numbers are all set to people I'd need to call during the trip, and I have my bluetooth so don't bark at me for cellphone use while driving. :-)
Finally, I guess I should explain why I'm going to Chicago in the first place! I'm visiting/meeting a friend I met in the virtual world, Second Life. It's always exciting (maybe a little scary) to connect "sl to rl". Following a 4 night stay, I'll be traveling further West to visit my grandparents (I, before making the entire trip in reverse.
Btw, I'll do my best to document the trip via Twitter and BrightKite, but we'll see if "rl" allows it. :-)

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