Tuesday, April 1, 2008

Photography (I'm back!)

Memorial Park
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When I discovered a dust speck on the internal lens of my Olympus Stylus 300, life was over. When I stupidly didn't back up my photos, and consequently paid the price when my laptop failed, it was like erasing 3 years of memories.
So, imagine my surprise and joy when I booted up the camera and noticed the dust was gone! This past Sunday, I had planned on actually opening up the camera to see if I could clean the lens myself (definitely a last resort option, mind you). It was a beautiful day, so discovering a functional camera was just the perfect thing for my day.
Thanks to some friends at work, I went exploring, camera-in-hand, at the Memorial Park in Lemoyne. It's a small park stretched along the Susquehanna River, with City Island resting in the river between Lemoyne and Harrisburg. Here's one of my favorites from the excursion.
p.s. This is also my first use of Flickr's blog posting feature. Hope it works.

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