Wednesday, March 12, 2008

Hulu! Go Watch TV!

A few weeks ago, I blogged about my lack of time/need to watch TV using the standard, "flip-through-a-hundred-channels-hoping-to-find-something-I-want-to watch-only-to-realize-I-missed-half-of-it-already" system. I also blogged about YouTube, Joost, and Hulu.
Hulu, hands down, is my favorite. YouTube is great for quick videos, humor, and viral videos while Joost is good if you want to network with others watching the same shows as you. Hulu is prime time, offering all of the most popular shows both on and off the air. Some of my favorites include House,Family Guy, and Numb3rs. I even discovered a few that I wouldn't have watched otherwise, like Lipstick Jungle, and New Amsterdam.
Hulu has not only changed the way I watch TV, but it's changed the way I spend the time I have when multitasking isn't an option. For example, while I'm eating a big messy Philly Cheesesteak, I don't want to be fumbling for the mouse and keyboard (or remote for that matter), so watching a show is perfect!
Hulu does do one thing that I wish EVERYONE did (including mainstream TV/cable/satellite): IT SHOWS YOU WHERE THE COMMERCIALS ARE!!! I mean, below every video, there is a scrubber-bar (the progress bar that almost every online video site has, you see it in iTunes, and even on most DVRs). BUT, in Hulu's you'll also see little white dots...those little unobtrusive dots, are the commercials. Granted, you can't fast forward through them, but, since I'm viewing on a computer, I shrink the window back to the regular browser (instead of fullscreen), check out my other Firefox tabs, and when the commercials are over, BAM! Back to fullscreen for the show!

Hulu is open to the public now, and it's completely free. It's worth your time to give it a shot. I'd especially recommend it to travellers and busy-folk like me. Lemme know what you think in the comments!

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