Friday, January 25, 2008


Everyone knows I'm a Twitter addict. It's ease of use, complete mobility, and constant stream of information, humor, insight, and thought makes it one of the best Web 2.0 tools I've seen since the bubble began.
What you may not realize, is that in addition to Twitter, I also have accounts with Pownce, Jaiku, and now my second favorite, Tumblr.
Tumblr's great claim to fame: sorting by post type. You can post "Text", "photo", "quote", "link", "chat", "audio", and "video" categorized posts in your Tumblr tumblog, and sort all the posts using those categories. Me being a musician, but always coming up with new ideas, recording scratch tracks, and never recording final mixes, my Tumblr is great for sharing some of those audio clips. Now, since most people don't care about all my fed Twitter posts, I give them this link:
A few more nice things about Tumblr:

  • Complete customization of your template (with a premium account)

  • Channels (share certain items with a select group of people)

  • Following (works similarly to Twitter)

Lemme know if you check Tumblr out, and please share your thoughts with me. If you're brave enough to listen to some of my audio clips (you can only post one per day, presumably to avoid music piracy), feel free to tear me apart in comments here as well.

edit: I just realized that the link I posted for sorting will *NOT* work for non-logged-in viewers. It looks like it will only sort on your dashboard, and for people you are following...Gonna try to suggest an actual sorting feature though.

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