Thursday, December 13, 2007

Twitter Phone Chain...would it work?

I'm typing this just after a wacky Thursday morning that all started with a 2hr delay.

I wake up, check my wifi-connected iPod (to skip the step of rolling out of bed) for the latest school delays and closings, and "nada." They haven't said anything about my district yet. I stumble out of bed, and begin my morning routine at 4:30am. I don't think to re-check the announcements until after I'm dressed in my traditional shirt & tie, so I do my best to relax for the extra 2 hours.
It gets to be about that time, so I decide to grab some McD's for breakfast, a rarity for me anymore. As I'm pulling into the school's parking lot, I get the call from my department chair telling me that school's gone from "2hr Delay" to "No School".
Thus, I grumble a few words, and turn around to come home.

With my earlier post's statistics about teachers with cellphones, here's an idea: Set up a Twitter Phone Chain
Basically, Department Heads would be required to create a Twitter Account and befriend the Principals/Superintendant (or anyone else that gets to make the calls on weather emergencies). Staff would have the option of creating their accounts (or *coughs* using their existing one) and would only have to follow their dept. chair.
Even better, I'm sure some fancy scripting would enable messages to be bounced down the chain once it's said, making it almost painless.

I just laughed this morning, because for some of my Twitterers I follow, I knew about their school closings before knowing about my own! This idea isn't going away, but I'm sure I can think up some improvements before plugging it to the faculty. Any suggestions?

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