Friday, November 2, 2007

There's nothing new under the sun.

My music history professor, Dr. Wunderlich, used to say that all the time when referring to a 20th century composer who quoted or referenced an older composer. Many times it was a way to pay homage to the composers before them. Other times, it was just because the style or technique was on their mind.

Anyway, I've decided to bring back my old blog title, changing only the fact that it's being hosted at blogspot with a blogspot domain. So...(waits for fanfare, followed by drumroll...),

"Welcome back, cello wireless"

Looking back, and listening to archived podcasts, I realize that I was doing the same thing back then, as I'm doing now. The biggest difference has nothing to do with my posting style, where it's hosted, or the content of the blog. Instead, it merely has to do with the technology I'm writing about, and it's uses in education, (with a slight focus on music education). Cloud-computing, and "web-as-a-service" sites are slowly becoming commonplace. I'll plug this link, even though I haven't been able to download the .iso yet, only because I'm anxious to see this type of thing happen: gOS. gOS is an operating system, based on Linux, that is being designed to be optimized for web-browsing, and specifically, Google's collection of online apps (Google docs, YouTube, Blogger, and the list goes on). Instead of boasting high-energy, heat-producing videocards, huge amounts of harddrive space, and gobs of RAM (memory), gOS is planning on releasing a $100 computer package at WalMart later this year which would be perfect for running the most popular social-networking and cloud-computing sites on the net.

Once I get it downloaded, it's going on my old Pentium 2 machine, as it's purpose is the reason I switched to Linux in the first place!

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