Friday, November 9, 2007

Pre, School-Day Business

I wake up around 4am every morning (yes, even weekends). That is mainly thanks to my loving puffball of a cat, "Naji" who loves knocking things off the coffee table, meowing loudly, and pounding against walls. I use my 2 hours to get a lot accomplished online. What I wonder, though, is how much of it could be better-accomplished during the school day instead of trying to get it all done before I even leave for work?
I check my school district email - Okay, so this is one of the tasks that I am able to do from school, if I don't lose my prep or lunch periods to makeup lessons, but by cleaning up my inbox of "reply-to-all" messages, I have a much better grasp on what needs to be taken care of today.
I check all the information on my iGoogle page - This is where the dilemma lies. No access to web-based email, 60% of my RSS feeds (mostly tech/edu blogs), YouTube, and Second Life "business". Now, I understand that if it's not work-related, I shouldn't be worrying about it during the day...but can I use that same logic to tell teachers with children not to worry about scheduling doctors appointments, calling their child's teachers during prep/lunch, or finding out if they're staying after school or not?
I check my Twitter/Jaiku feeds - Definitely something I can't get done online at school, so I try to grab as much knowledge from my presence streams as I can, and survive with the sms/text notifications throughout the day.
Take care of any Instant Messenger conversations - Here's a biggie, for I feel that IM is more conducive than email for 90% of the conversations I have via email at work. At home, my friends and family know that IM is golden because it's quick, easy, and almost instant. They realize that email may not be answered for up to 24 hours. My school district, and most of my colleagues expect email replies within 1-2 hours! That would imply that I check it at least that often, which any teacher would tell you, is not humanly possible.

Am I asking for change to the filtering laws and systems that are in place? Not necessarily. What I would like to see, is a system where these tools are used to their full advantage in business and educational settings. Relying on my cellphone to do things I usually do online, is not the answer.

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