Thursday, November 15, 2007

But it's Not the School's Network

The Teach42 Blog (add it to your RSS now) is one of my favorites. The last podcast I listened to (usually not in chrono order) brought up an interesting scenario and sparked some new thoughts of my own.
First, his point: "School's usually refrain from posting images of students and/or where an individual will be at a given time during the day (i.e. Johnny from the soccer team has a home game on the North field). But, what happens when Johnny Twitters from his cellphone about his home soccer game?
Now for my question: Schools prohibit cellphones from being used during the school day, but many students are still finding ways to fire off a text message, or hop on mobile internet (of even Wifi in some of the newer tech gadgets) without a teacher ever finding out! Aside from the obvious discipline (confiscating the phone or device), how do we handle the "Who cares about the internet filters? I can access email from my phone." types of issues that I'm predicting will become a huge issue within the next year or so?

Leave your thoughts!

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