Thursday, October 11, 2007

Very first post!

Welcome. Some how, you stumbled upon my new blog. So here's the gist:
I've been blogging and Twittering and everything else under a false identity (my avatar in Second Life) for over a year and a half, when I decided to leave "real world" blogging for personal and career related reasons. That said, I'm beginning to look at Web 2.0 and how it influences how I work, how I teach, and how I could teach given access to these tools.
My goal, is to begin to create lesson plans, action plans, and scenarios for use of everything from Google Apps (Google Docs, Google Reader, GMail, Google Maps, and more) to Twitter. I plan on finding opportunities to present some of these ideas to my school district in the future, which will also involve finding a safe way to use them with students (currently most of these Web 2.0 sites are filtered by our district).

More soon!

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