Thursday, October 18, 2007

Indentity Crisis!

I'll share my dilemma, and hopefully someone will have a perfect solution for it (doubtful).
I have an avatar in Second Life, the online multiverse of over a million residents. I also have a blog, a separate Gmail account, and Twitter account in that avatar's name.
When I stopped blogging under my real name it was because I couldn't find the happy medium between professional and personal use of online tools. I am an all or nothing type of guy. If I use Twitter, I want to post about work, but in the same account, I want to be able to follow my friends and post about everyday life too. I can understand having a separate blog, and even email address, but when it comes to online collaboration and social-networking, I'm now forced to split myself into "professional identity" and "personal identity". The problem then arises when I choose to take advantage of mobility options (like SMS messages...which account do I set up?).
I have never shared my Second Life avatar or Web2.0 info with anyone as an educator, but as I look into ways of using the internet to better myself teaching skills and students' learning skills...I find myself in an identity crisis.

Simply put...can my career dictate my social contacts?

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